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Alumni Mentoring Program

The Alumni has participated in the ABC’s inhouse mentoring program since 2021, and the ABC is keen to enlist our support for a third year in 2023. Click here if you would like to learn more.

It’s a five-month program from May to September that pairs a suitable Mentor and a Mentee. All areas of the ABC are included, from journalism to production to management.

Some mentors are drawn from existing senior ABC staff, but there is a strong demand and interest in involving former staff as mentors as well.  

What’s involved: 

  • The program involves five meetings over five months (May-September) with a Mentee who can benefit from learning from you and your knowledge and experience. You can extend the sessions if both parties agree. 
  • It’s driven by the Mentee: they will be encouraged to set their goals, organise meetings and be proactive. 
  • A dedicated Program Co-ordinator from the ABC People team will be available to answer any questions and guide you through the process. 
  • The ABC Mentoring Guide explains the process and has some useful tips, resources and session plans. 
  • Once a suitable Mentee has been matched to you, you will hear back from the ABC Mentoring Program Co-ordinator with further details on how to get started with your partnership.

This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences. Importantly, it is not necessary to be ‘up-to-date’ with the latest technology or production techniques. In most cases, it is your broader professional experience and career background that will be of most use to mentees.

You can contact us directly for further information.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Sue Spencer and Peter McEvoy 

The ABC Mentoring Program is back for 2023!

This is a flexible five-month program that pairs a suitable Mentor and a Mentee in a mutually rewarding learning and development experience.

What is it all about?

The structured program is designed to:

  • help mentees develop their skills and benefit from an experienced mentor’s knowledge, guidance and insights
  • provide mentors the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to an ABC staff member’s career and share their skills and experience 
  • capitalise on the existing skills and knowledge in the ABC and ABC Alumni to help our future leaders.

Why we do it

  • Develops a culture of personal & professional growth
  • Demonstrates the ABC principles
  • Enhances leadership skills
  • Engages and helps motivate staff 
  • Increases cultural awareness & encourages diversity
  • Creates a culture of giving back
  • Is mutually rewarding for both mentors and mentees

What time commitment is involved?

Over the five-month program, it is advisable for Mentees & Mentors to meet at least once a month, however this could be increased if mutually decided upon, and the timing of meetings will be arranged to suit both parties. Where physical meetings might not be possible, phone calls or zoom meetings can often be substituted.

Support available during the program

  • A dedicated ABC Program Co-ordinator will be available to support with any questions and provide resources
  • Mentor Program Guide: a practical guide full of handy tips to make it a successful partnership
  • Mentor Training Video and handy tools for successful Mentoring

How to get involved

Applications are now open to be a Mentor. Just complete and submit the application form below.

Next steps:

Once a suitable Mentee has been matched to you, you will hear back from the Mentoring Program Co-ordinator Ann Newton with further details on how to get started.

Now, we’d love to get some information to make the best possible mentee match for you. Click here to complete this simple form.

For further information. contact Sue Spencer and Peter McEvoy at