Phil williams

Philip Williams career at the ABC spanned 40 years. He is probably best known for his international roles which have included Europe, London and Tokyo correspondent, as well as the ABC’s chief foreign correspondent from 2016 until his ‘retirement’ in 2021, though from time-to-time he continues to work for the ABC. However, Philip’s distinguished career also includes a range of other roles. For many years he travelled Australia reporting for Countrywide, he was a founding producer with Australian Story, and has reported for various ABC TV programs including as Canberra reporter for The 7:30 Report and presenter of the Canberra edition of Stateline. He has also worked as chief political correspondent for ABC’s national radio current affairs programs and as ABC’s diplomatic and defence correspondent. Philip has covered many of the world’s major crises – the 9/11 attacks on New York, the Madrid Bombings, the Iraq war, the Belsan siege, the Boxing Day Tsunami (from Phuket), the Kobe earthquake, French nuclear tests in the Pacific, the fall of President Suharto in Indonesia, the 2000 political crisis in Fiji – to name but a few. Philip was awarded the prestigious Dart Centre Ochberg Fellowship 2006, in recognition of excellence in reporting in hazardous working conditions and the dangers involved in covering particular news stories.