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“Never, in my lifetime, has the ABC been more important than it is today…yet it is constantly under attack.” – Kerry O’Brien The former presenter of Lateline, The 7.30 Report and Four Corners, Kerry O’Brien presents the latest in a series of short campaign videos produced by ABC Alumni for social media platforms. In theContinue reading “Kerry O’Brien: DEMOCRACY & THE ABC”

Alumni Statement: LEADERS’ DEBATES – 2022 ELECTION

The ABC has invited both major party leaders to a nationally televised election debate. But regrettably this invitation has been declined by the Prime Minister in favour of two commercial free-to-air networks, and one subscriber-only channel. And yet it is the ABC that is required by law to cover parliamentary sittings, question time and inquiriesContinue reading “Alumni Statement: LEADERS’ DEBATES – 2022 ELECTION”

Your ABC vs Their IPA

Spread the word about this video! For almost 90 years the ABC has been at the centre of Australian cultural life, providing a range of much-loved programming and services. It’s our country’s most trusted news source (across all platforms – radio, television and online) and where we turn in times of crisis like bushfires, floodsContinue reading “Your ABC vs Their IPA”