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Join us in support of the vital role the ABC plays

Please join us in the fight to save quality public service broadcasting in Australia, which is currently under unprecedented attack from enemies including the Murdoch-owned media, organisations such as the IPA and the Federal Government. 

If you are a former staffer, chances are you have dedicated a great part of your professional life to the ABC and hate to see it decline in the face of these attacks. It has suffered huge cuts to its budget in recent years and lost more than a thousand experienced staff. Those remaining are battling to maintain both morale and the quality services we have all helped to create. 

ABC Alumni is a group of former staff and sub-contractors who have banded together to mobilise public support for the ABC. We help like-minded organisations such as ABC Friends and others; provide mentoring and training for ABC staff; and we meet regularly with ABC Executives to provide suggestions, support, feedback and constructive criticism.   

We also educate and rally support from politicians and other community leaders to strengthen the essential role of the ABC in our democracy.  

The Alumni has provided high-level submissions to several parliamentary inquiries, into issues like police raids, political interference, ABC Board appointments and international broadcasting, and worked to increase ABC-friendly policies at elections. 

When COVID allows, we organise social gatherings for Alumni to stay in touch, in the major cities. 

Joining is easy. You are eligible if you have worked at the ABC for one year or its equivalent, either on staff or on contract; and others who support our objectives can join as Associates and pay online 

While you’re here, please explore the rest of the website. You’ll find articles, submissions, news and views.  And we welcome any contributions!  

We really hope you’ll join us in defending the ABC. If you’d like further information, please contact us at

You can be part of ABC Alumni in one of two categories: professional or associate


You are qualified to join the Alumni with full privileges if you have previously worked at the ABC, either on staff or on contract, for a minimum of twelve months full-time, or its part-time equivalent. Annual fee payable is $55 for one year or $80 for two years

Alumni Associate

You are qualified to join as an associate if either you currently support our objectives but have not worked for the ABC, or you are currently working for the ABC (so do not yet qualify as an alumnus). Annual fee payable is $35

Professional Alumni
  • Price is a fee paid on an annual basis
Professional Alumni
  • Price is a fee paid on an a two-year basis
Alumni Associate
  • Price is a fee paid on an annual basis

Note: Signup is performed via Mailchimp, accessing the “Join Now” links will redirect you to a Mailchimp page to complete the registration.

Other Opportunities

ABC Funding & Appointments

Join our campaign for qualified, independent appointments to the ABC Board and for adequate, secure funding. Contact Gil Appleton:

Phone: 0414 656 861

Asia Pacific Broadcasting

To join the group campaigning to rebuild broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific after the disastrous cuts to Radio Australia and short-wave. Contact Jemima Garrett:

Phone: 0408 163 226

Public Media Coalition

To help forge a coalition of other groups supporting public media please contact John Cleary:

Phone: 0437 459 353

Alumni Recruitment

We’re looking for ex-ABC staff from all departments and locations. Contact Helen Grasswill via email with Recruitment Drive in the subject line.



If you would like to donate to any Alumni campaigns or support a scholarship fund, please contact us at    

ABC Alumni Limited is a registered charity and not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.  

ACN: 628 088 371
ABN: 85628088371  

ABC Mentoring Program

This five-month program from May to September pairs a suitable Alumni Mentor and an ABC employee Mentee. All areas of the ABC are included, from journalism to production to management.  

Contact Sue Spencer or Peter McEvoy for further information