Campaigns are at the heart of our work as ABC Alumni

ABC Alumni actively engages in a range of campaigns to support the ABC and the values of independent public broadcasting.

Our past campaigns have included issues such as media freedom, competitive neutrality, political interference in the ABC, the value of the ABC’s international service as the Voice of Australia in Asia and the Pacific, and advocating the value of a well-funded, independent ABC in the lead-up to both the 2019 and the 2022 federal elections.

Currently our main focus is a joint ABC Alumni-ABC Friends joint campaign for a further increase in ABC funding for both the domestic and international services. If you’ve been thinking recent funding increases are enough, they’re not. As discussed in our campaign launch document, REBUILDING THE ABC, the ABC is still at serious risk of going backwards.

To kick off this first 2023 campaign, a delegation representing both the Alumni and the Friends travelled to Canberra in early February, where they had constructive meetings with the Communications Minister, Shadow Minister and key independents. For details, see our report here.  

The Alumni-Friends delegation with Communications Minister Michelle Rowland (centre). At left, Alumni director Quentin Dempster and Friends president Cassandra Parkinson, and right, Friends deputy president Michael Henry and Alumni chair Jonathan Holmes.

But there is much more to do. Whether you are an Alumni member, associate or a general supporter who values the ABC, please read REBUILDING THE ABC carefully and tweet or post the links on your social media. And we urge you to write to or email your federal MP soon to tell them that at a time when the nation needs a trusted national broadcaster more than ever, the ABC must be better funded.

The Alumni continues to also be actively engaged in the big-picture issue of press freedom and the need for a range of legislative changes to give greater protection to journalists and whistle-blowers. We see an urgent need to reverse the trend of the past decade that has led to Australia becoming more secretive, and less accountable, than almost every other comparable democracy. Indeed, the Reporters Without Borders’ 2022 World Press Freedom Index of 180 nations places Australia at a dismal 39th, down from 19th in 2018.

We remain committed to supporting the important and expanding work of ABC International in the Asia-Pacific region, and contribute submissions to government inquiries affecting the ABC and public broadcasting generally.

As well, we are monitoring issues of concern to the community, such as changes to ABC Archives as part of the ongoing digitisation process, the new ABC Complaints process following the appointment of an Ombudsman, and Australia’s media regulation authorities.   

Other ongoing campaigns include monitoring misinformation about the ABC in certain sectors of the media, on social media and by organisations with a vested interest to damage or destroy the national broadcaster.

 For accurate information, click here for our ABC ALUMNI: FACTS & TALKING POINTS document. 


If you would like to get involved in any of our campaigns to help ensure a strong future for the ABC, please contact us at  


The Alumni provides high profile speakers for events run by any organisation requesting our participation. We will outline our position on the ABC and answer questions, however we do not speak for the ABC nor do we endorse other organisations or have any affiliation with lobby groups, aside from a co-operative working relationship with ABC Friends.