The ABC is worth fighting for!

We are former ABC employees and media professionals who believe passionately in the need for a fearless, well-funded national broadcaster including:

  • independent news and current affairs free from commercial or government influence;
  • a rich diversity of programs for all Australians including drama, comedy, indigenous, children’s, arts, science, natural history and other specialist and documentary programming.

We maintain a respectful relationship with the ABC, supporting its staff through mentoring and training and offering advice and constructive feedback.

We provide public speakers, articles and research on the role and importance of the ABC, collaborating with like-minded groups such as ABC Friends.

We need you, to help us do all of the above. Our ABC has been harmed, and we need to fight for it.


You can join ABC Alumni:

  • if you have worked for the ABC as an employee or contractor; or
  • if you are a media professional in any discipline who has worked on programs aired on any ABC platform.

Joining is simple: just click the Join Us tab on our website. The annual registration fee is $45

How you can get involved

Contact us if you can help us establish a presence in your area. You can be involved wherever you are. Your suggestions and offers of help are welcome at ABCAlumniAustralia@gmail.com.

Board, STaTE and Other ContactS

Click on Alumni names to view brief biography.

You can contact each of these alumni by writing to abcalumniaustralia@gmail.com.


Jonathan Holmes (Chair)

Janet Clayton (Company Secretary & Treasurer)

Quentin Dempster

Dr Gael Jennings

Sandra Levy

Alan Sunderland

State Branches

VIC: Peter Marks

ACT: Phil Williams

Tas:  David Brill, Deborah Fleming

QLD: Trish Lake, Mark Hayes

WA: Bobbie Mackley

SA and NT: TBA

other Contacts

Administration: Janet Clayton, Gil Appleton

Campaigns: Quentin Dempster

Drama and Specialist: Dr Gael Jennings, Sandra Levy

Events: Sharon Carleton

Government: Jonathan Holmes, Alan Sunderland

Historian: Wendy Borchers

International: Vivien Altman

Membership: Janet Clayton

Media & Public Relations: Jonathan Holmes

Newsletters: Jonathan Holmes

Social Media: Janet Clayton

Training/Reviewing/Mentoring: Sue Spencer, Peter McEvoy, Alan Sunderland

Website Content: Sue Spencer

Website Management: Janet Clayton

David Taylor, Tanya Segelov  

Segelov Taylor Lawyers Sydney
Suite 802, Level 8
307 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000  



Mark Rosen

Business Ignition Group Sydney